Ski Mountaineering on Mt Ritter

Mt Ritter has been on my list of peaks to…

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Sunrise on Matterhorn peak, CA

Skiing the Sawtooth’s – a four day traverse with Sierra Mountain Guides

Last year I wanted to do more backcountry skiing but…

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Photo of the Month: Skiing East Greely at Alta

My Ski season has ended because of an injury but…

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Relatively Minor Injury and taking calculated risks.

A couple of weeks have passed since I broke my…

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Mistakes, Injuries and moving on.

Ever since I started skiing 6 years ago, I have…

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Photo of the Month: Tamarack Lodge reflection over Twin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes, California

This year I spent Christmas and New Year’s at Mammoth…

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Backlit Chromodoris macfarlandi shot using Canon MP-E 65 mm at 4x magnification.

Photo of the Month: Backlit Chromodoris macfarlandi

I wanted to try out something different so I decided…

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Diaulula sandiegensis

Photo of the Month: Diaulula sandiegensis, San Diego dorid laying eggs

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like…

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Backpacking North Fork Trail via Cascade Canyon

If you would like to read my entire Grand Tetons…

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Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks Road Trip Report

One of my goals this ski season was to go…

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