Denali Expedition 2013

Since climbing Mt Shashta last year on my own i was very keen on climbing Denali and figured this year would be a good time to do so. Once i got the vacation approved i had to go for it after E3 since at that time i was working with G4, it also mean’t that i would get more time to train.

The training, entire climb has been a great experience and it was a total roller coaster ride of emotions, physical and mental strength. Instead of writing one long blog post about the whole thing, i think it will be better to break it down into parts.

Preparing for the climb: The Training

Getting to 11k Camp

Surviving the Storm and getting to High Camp

Patience at High Camp and the return Journey.

My Tips for Denali climb

High Resolution pics from the entire climb can be viewed here. you can also prints from this site if you wish. Entire collection is posted on facebook, if you are interested in obtaining high resolution of some picture then let me know.

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