Photo of the Month: Diaulula sandiegensis, San Diego dorid laying eggs

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to so decided this will be a good way to blog and share my pictures at the same time.

Dive Site: Coral Garden, Anacapa Island, California

This was the last dive of 2 day trip on Peace Dive boat chartered by Bluewater Photo for the 2014 Socal Shootout. I have done this dive couple of years ago as part of 2012 shootout so I remember it well since its easy to navigate.

Its more like a wall dive with lot of Gorgonians and Sea fans to see in the 70-90 ft range and last time I found a few Tritonia festivas so I was using my Canon 100mm lens.

Couple of minutes into the dive, I came across this beautiful dorid laying eggs and figured it would be perfect for a behavior shot. It won 1st Prize in Behavior Category.

Diaulula sandiegensis, San Diego dorid laying eggs at Anacapa Island, California

Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III, canon 100mm macro 2.8l lens in a Sea and Sea housing with 2 Sea and Sea YS 110a strobes. ISO 160, F/16 and 1/125th Shutter.

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